• Fred Hadidi

Actually, Facebook does sell your personal information

Updated: Apr 21

Should Facebook have to comply with the California Consumer Protection act, which gives the state’s residents the right to “opt out” of the sale of their "personal information?" The social media giant has stated that they should not, because they merely act as a “service provider” to its advertisers and “do not sell people’s data.”

In this short piece, I concede that some of Facebook’s interactions with its advertisers—such as when information flows only towards Facebook—may not qualify as “sales” of personal information under the CCPA. But I also show that at least in some situations, its paid advertisers receive (from Facebook) consumers’ purchasing and consuming histories, interactions with websites and advertisements, and preferences and predispositions—all of which are “personal information” under the Act.

Click here for a PDF of the article.

Thanks to Mary Fuller of Fuller Tech Law Group PC for suggesting the topic and for her helpful comments.

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